Hannover Old Town

During the Second World War 85% of Hannover was destroyed during the Allied bombings. This means that only a small part of historic Hannover was preserved. The historic part of Hannover is called the Old Town and was beautifully restored. To me these buildings are what I would call typical European (or at least German) buildings and I just loved the architecture, colours and specially the wood used in the structures.
The church in the background is the Lutheran Kreuzkirche and dates from 1333. The church also contains a tombstone with the oldest depiction of a family and dates from 1332. The narrow cobbled streets was another of the old European charms which caught my fancy.

In yesterday’s post I showed a picture of the New Town Hall. The old Town Hall or Altes Rathaus is situated in the Old Town. The original walls of the old town hall originates from the mid 15th century. Of p[articular note are the pinnacle gable and clay mouldings of the building. The church on the left is the Market Church which was built in the 14th century.

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  1. Avril

    Very interesting series! Love all the old buildings. All so clean and neat too. That curved street is spoiled by that car peeping out and the modern street sign otherwise it look like a scene from a nursery rhyme .. Wee Willie Winkie for instance.

  2. Dot

    Hi Firefly,These photos are awesome! Especially curious is the second one…did you use a regular lens or a wide angle? Looks like the buildings are vertically curving right along with the curvature of the road…fantastic!

  3. Firefly

    Hi Dot. When I went on this trip I only had a Kodak EasyShare compact camera. No fancy lenses, settings or anything, just me being in the right spot for the pic.

  4. Marcelle

    Can see you took these in autumn time,are the colors not beautiful here during autumnLove these photo’s better than what the buildings look like in real I am sure.

  5. That is one thing we loved about being in Europe. The architecture there was amazing from the early days. Even some of the more modern was awesome. I think you really would have enjoyed Berchestgarden, Cheimsee, Schwartzwald, and many of the other souther cities. I had the opportunity to make it to Czechoslovaki. There was some really interesting architecture there too as well as Austria. Thanks for the blast from the past!

  6. Richa

    Hi Firefly, These pictures are awesome. I've been to Europe only once and was amazed at the architecture and the way buildings have been preserved. I especially liked #2 on your blog and would like to use it in a travel guide I am writing on Hannover. If you do give permission to use it, I would give your blog a link from the guide as well as give you credit for the picture. Please let me know what you think, I am really eager to use these pictures. Richa

  7. Firefly

    No problem Richa. You are welcome to use it.

  8. Untiedownable

    Firefly, Thanks a ton. I will send you a link once the guide is uploaded. Richa