To the memory
of one of the most perfect
of human beings
who has given her name
to the Town below
The plaque on the Donkin Memorial (Donkin Pyramid) on the Donkin Reserve. The pyramid was put up as a monument by Sir Rufane Donkin in remembrance of his wife, Lady Elizabeth Donkin. Sir Rufan named Port Elizabeth after his wife on his visit to Algoa Bay in 1820.

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  1. Jeanne

    I LOVE this shot! And the inscription always makes me want to cry…

  2. I love your photos and the next thing I love about you is that you are a South African on Blogger. I lives in PE from March 1986 to December 1988 so you photos bring back many momories. Thank you.

  3. Marka

    I like the plant growing out of the side; what tenacity!

  4. Gaelyn

    I like the angels on this. Also interesting texture.

  5. Avril

    Very nice angles!! Lovely contrasting colours!Scrolled down to see your photos – wow they're all so good. Love the fire! .. and the wind and sand!

  6. Janet

    I also find the plant growing out of the building fascinating.

  7. I cannot remember when I last saw it but it must be all of 15 years ago. I don't often go down south. I love that deep blue sky setting of the colours. Lovely perspective.