Grave cross

On a recent exploration of the Russel Road Cemetery here in Port Elizabeth I found this very interesting grave stone cross.  It kinda reminded me of a Celtic cross and probably got its inspiration from the Welsh connection amongst the 1820 British Settlers as the grave dates from the mid 1800’s.

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  1. Interesting gravestone. The cemeteries in France have an odd fascination to me as they have huge buildings where all the family end up for years afterwards. I will do a post on them one day. Diane

  2. Marka

    'tis quite a unique grave marker. Based on the size and age it would seem to mark the burial place of someone important (and most likely wealthy, too).

  3. Jo

    I believe that is a Celtic cross. I wonder who is buried there?I used to be fascinated with cemeteries when I was a little girl. I loved to read the inscriptions.

  4. Marcelle

    your made that photo look sooooooo spoooooooky!!