Gone fishing at Kabega Dump

Weekends are the time to do some work in the garden.  That is when the KidZ don’t have sport or parties or whatever or the Damselfly doesn’t drag me to the shops.  I’m curious where Port Elizabethans go to dump their garden refuge.  With the Kragga Kamma transfer station still closed the options in our area are Walmer (now that is a dump dump), Summerstrand (a little far), Arlington tip (there I will NEVER go again) and Kabega Park.  The Kabega Park transfer station – or dump as most just call them – is found along Cape Road just before where the old Hunters Retreat shopping centre used to be.  Going to the Kabega dump is a treat every time.  Its anything but an ordinary dump and have been transferred into a garden and recycle centre where people also go and dump their garden waste.  The dump is actually properly managed and there is a system in place where everything that can be recycled is done so and the money made pays the managers and people working there.  Unlike most other tips where one is hassled by informal “helpers”, this one is a pleasure to visit.  The cherry on top is the garden.  Everything that could remotely be recycled into garden ornaments have been done so.  Amongst it this dude taking a nap on an old camp chair while on a fishing trip.  Also see this article that appeared in the Herald on 27 February 2013.

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  1. mike

    Good initiative.

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