Then and Now – Donkin Reserve – the lighthouse and pyramid

About two and a half years ago (can it really be so long already?) I did a Then and Now for the Donkin Reserve featuring photos taken from the sea side of the lighthouse and pyramid.  Last week I passed by the Donkin on my way to a meeting and snapped one from the other side with the two “Then” pictures in this post in mind.  I notice I should have squared it up a bit more, but it will have to do.  This first picture dates from about 1900 (according to the info I got with the picture).
This second picture is dated 1904 but I have a feeling it could be from a few years later.  The lighthouse keeper’s cottage has been extended, the tree in the courtyard is still there but there is now a tree on the right hand side of the lighthouse as well.  Check out the sailing ships in the bay. 
And lastly the Donkin Lighthouse (Hill Lighthouse) and Pyramid (Donkin Memorial) as it stands today.  No tree in the lighthouse keeper’s cottage courtyard and the building is now used as an Visitor Information Centre by Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism with a coffee shop next door.