Drama Princess’ dedicated Geocache

One of the local Geocachers, Team Navimate, have been honouring Eastern Cape cachers by placing caches in their honour along the Grysbok Trail in the NMMU Nature Reserve.  I first discovered the trial when I went to find a cache placed in my honour about a year ago.  Just after New Year I received an email from Navimate to let me know that they are placing a cache for Drama Princess and we made arrangements for it to be published while we are in the reserve so that she can be the First to Find on it. 

The cache published at 8am the morning and as we received the email notification we were about   meters or so away.  We quickly made our way over to ground zero and I allowed her to find the cache herself.  Congrats Drama Princess on receiving this cache accolade which is the PE cachers’ equivalent of having a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.