Baby Club goes to high school

All you saw on social media, especially Facebook, on Wednesday was back to school photos.  Kids off to pre-school, grade 1, grade 8 and everything in between for the first time.  The Damselfly posted a back to school pic but I never did.  So today it is my turn with a back to school post with a bit of a difference.
When the Damselfly was pregnant with Chaos Boy in 2002 we attended antenatal classes at the St Georges Hospital with Helen Ward.  The classes covered everything from birth to handling your baby, feeding and much more.  In my opinion the most important thing she told the class was that she always recommend moms in the class to form a support group, or baby club, to get together over coffee on a regular basis after the birth of the babies to be able to share with each other what works and what doesn’t, Our group took it to heart but the moms didn’t just meet over coffee.  Over the years we also came together for birthday parties, Christmas parties and more.
When the kids went off to primary school in 2009, most of us got together at Pink Fig for a photo which we sent off to the newspaper and was published in one of the community newspapers.
 When we came back from our camping holiday in December the Damselfly started getting in touch with the moms to see if she could organise a similar photo now that the kids are off to high school.  One of the kids from the grade 1 photo has since moved away but the two who couldn’t make it that day was available this time around which meant that we had just about everybody from the original baby club together for the first time in ages.  Although some of us still have regular contact it been a while since we’ve been together as a group, what with life getting in the way as well as the kids all having different and busy schedules at their various schools.
The kids and the schools they’re going to are, from left to right
Jared Pretorius – Victoria Park
Annika van der Merwe – Framesby
Shelby Strydom – Collegiate
Logan Roux – Collegiate
Paxton Barnard – Collegiate
Dylan Fourie – DF Malharbe (In case you don’t know, this is Chaos Boy) 
Cayleigh Maclear – Victoria Park 
Thomas Everand – Alexander Road

Although the moms will probably kill me for this, but here is a group pic of the moms 

 After the photo shoot the kids chilled a bit…

…while the moms gossiped chatted and caught up 

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