Donkin Reserve lit up

When I went to visit my sister in hospital the other night to see my new niece, I drove by the Donkin Reserve and had to stop to take this pic. The moon was beautiful in the sky and the floodlights on the lighthouse made it a pretty sight. I have posted a day pic of the Donkin Reserve before here:

I found that the pic wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be. I also tried to take one of the moon alone to get a nice moon pic and could not. I relised that I still have tons to learn about the camera and photography. Baby steps.

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  1. Ann

    Nice shot ! the light house looks great against the night sky, ah moon shots, really, really tricky with various lens, f-stop and ISO combinations possible, there is no one magic formula, a tripod is a must to avoid movement and most importantly patience, and we all learn something new every time we pick up our camera thats the fun bit. As I say “shoot lots get lucky sometimes” LOL

  2. Firefly

    My Donkin Reserve at night photo doen’t seem to have gone down that well. Only Anne has left a comment. I will have to up my game. *wink, wink*

  3. Suzi-k

    not necessarily, just that some of us have been too busy to blog visit lately! FAB photo!

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