Cologne (Küln)

Yesterday I posted on our visit to Wurzburg in Germany. Today I will touch on our stop in the city of Cologne (Küln). It was a bit of a wet visit so I didn’t get much of an opportunity to take a lot of nice photos.

If there is one place to see when visiting Cologne, it is the Dom. What an absolutely awesome building. I have never seen anything like it. Because of the conditions non of my picture really did any justice to the building. Marcelle got to visit the city earlier in the week and posted some beautiful pictures of the Dom on her blog.
There were lots of other churches around and the area were we stayed as well. This one is the St Michael Catholic Church which wasn’t very far from the hotel.

I loved the fact that the city, as well as both the other two cities we visited, had shopping areas where the roads were closed to cars and you only had pedestrians. It amazed me how many people were out strolling even though the weather was bad and it was drizzling. Back home in South Africa the streets would be deserted in weather like this. I loved the bakeries all over the German cities. I love bread and anything “bready” so being able to buy doughnuts and pretzels and all these German bread stuff all over the place just suited me very well, thank you.

The first time I passed this building I couldn’t figure out what was on it. Only on my way back did I realise that it was an ice cream cone dropped upside down on to of the building. Curious.

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  1. Karin

    O wow, I love these images! The first one is my favourite, I want to hop on the first plane!

  2. Avril

    I agree with Karin – hop on the first plane!That cathedral is amazing and Marcelle’s photos are stunning – she had the advantage of a beautiful clear day.Ice cream cone is most odd!!

  3. Dot

    What?! These are beautiful shots! Especially love the top one! I would love to see the Dom…and the ice cream cone is CRAZY! You’re making me miss Germany…when we went we traveled from one bratwuerst vendor to the next…yum!

  4. Janet

    Ah those are lovely. How’s that ice cream cone?? I love it! And the bakery – mmmm – give anything for a pretzel now!

  5. The Dom is amazing. Did you travel along the Mosel? That is such a beautiful drive. We stayed at a Hostel along the way. It was fun, except for our daughter becoming very sick. We had made the trip to watch a race at Werbering (sp?) can't remember the right spelling now. I miss being there and can't wait to visit again. Hubby & I want to travel, travel, travel once we retire. So am definitely enjoying your tours!!! 🙂