Clouds at sunset

Earlier in the week after my Donating Blood post on Port Elizabeth Daily Photo,  Seamus asked me if my camera was an extension of my body like my arms and legs because I take photos of everything.  My camera is always in my backpack which goes everywhere I go, even when I pop down to my local supermarket for bread.  You never know when a one in a million photo opportunity may present itself.  Here is another example.  Last Sunday evening was our Christmas carols service at church and as I got out the car I noticed how beautiful the sky looked.  Off cause my camera was in my backpack in the car boot, so I got a couple of pics before I had to run to catch up to the family who was entering church already.
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  1. Jo

    Beautiful…! Just gorgeous.I was just reading the post about the penguins. How interesting…! It's wonderful to see conservation efforts like that. What adorable little animals, with their little tuxedoes.

  2. Gaelyn

    So glad you do keep the camera at hand. Mine is also an extension, almost like wearing a piece of jewelry.BTW, I do hope you'll make it to the canyon one day to hike.

  3. Lesley

    beautiful. I think I might have been tempted to stand outside a while longer to watch the progression.