Citrus farms

The Eastern Cape is South Africa’s second-largest producer of citrus fruit.  Oranges make up the vast majority (80%) of citrus products, but the province is also well regarded for its production of ‘easy-peelers’ such as clementine and Satsuma tangerines, as well as navel oranges.  Lemons, grape fruit and naartjies make up the balance of the harvest.  Port Elizabeth has two major citrus producing areas right on our doorstep, the Gamtoos Valley to the west and the Sundays River Valley to the north.

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  1. Roché Petersen

    And to add to our healthy theme for the day…I come from the Langkloof, which is one of the largest diciduous fruit-producing regions of the country – and also just on the doorstep of the Friendly City. Although not on the same scale as Gamtoos or the Sundays River Valley, we also have lovely orange groves alongside apple and pear orchards.

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