Casino Heist

Here is a view of the Casino Complex and Shark Rock Pier you won’t see every day. Taken from a yacht last week, as we headed back to the harbour. The Casino was held up in heist early yesterday…. notch another one up to the criminals who seem to have free reign here these days. (I guess when the new President of the ruling party spends more time with his lawyers that he does in his office, ducking all sorts of criminal charges, and the National Police Commissioner is on “extended leave” while he faces criminal charges, it is not surprising that this is becoming a criminal friendly place!)

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  1. An “Ocean’s Fourteen” kinda situation, huh? You definitely live in a very interesting place! ;)The NPC facing criminal charges… Holy crap! >8@

  2. CrazyCow

    That looks so inviting. Great shot.

  3. Pat

    I love the colour of the water. It’s wonderful!I would certainly appreciate your posting a condolence message in my blogs today for the wife of a good blogger friend…PatGuelph Daily Photo, My Photos

  4. Steffe

    I’m guessing they got away with a few bucks holding up a casino. We had a violent double bank robbery where I live a week ago.

  5. Suzi-k

    hehe fenix, very sharp!funnier than you intended because they think 14 guys were involved! not quite as smooth and glamorous though!hi steffe, nice to meet you, sounds hectic!

  6. g_mirage

    Very lovely photo of the wayes, blue is my favorite color and seeing the blue sea makes me smile. Thanks for sharing! The casino complex looks like a castle too!

  7. Ann (MobayDP)

    lol 🙂 I thought my country, Jamaica was bad! What’s up with corrupt leaders?

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