Canon sunrise

Sunrise over the Port Elizabeth Harbour from Fort Frederick
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  1. Gaelyn

    Looks like that cannon could either protect the harbor or shoot boats there. Pretty sky.

  2. Max-e

    How did you get in there so early? I tried to get in for 10 years and when I finally did, I accidently deleted all my photos. Haven't managed to get in since then. Nice shot

  3. Oh wow!! I REALLY like this shot Jonker!!Max: that is really awful when it happens. I lost some pics like that too a few years ago and an now so careful, I make duplicates of almost everything for that “just in case”.

  4. Zane

    Seems like some of us have sucker son our feet and we can scale walls. Great colours – nothing like fresh warm sunrise on a winters day.

  5. Firefly

    Max, I was there last week and it was open when I got there.

  6. Sylvia K

    Lovely sunrise! Great shot for the day! Happy SWF! Have a wonderful weekend!Sylvia

  7. Gaelyn

    An interesting perspective on a beautiful pastel sky.

  8. Caroline

    The sun looks like the cannon ball went off course and hit something. Lovely shot.

  9. Max-e

    How did you get into the Fort at sunrise.It took me about ten years of trying, before I managed to get in at all and then I accidently deleted all my pics.Nice shot.

  10. Rambling Round

    I love the cannon in the foreground. Looks like it just shot the sun. Beautiful photo.