Kings Beach

Kings Beach is a beautiful piece of white sandy beach stretching from the harbour wall up to McArthur Pool.  With the royal visit to South Africa in 1947 the royal family also stopped in Port Elizabeth.  The train they were travelling on was parked just above what is now the Kings Beach parking area and apparently part of the beach was fenced of for the use of the royal family.  The princesses went horse riding and the king went for swims in the sea.  This meant that the locals started calling it the King’s beach and hence the name Kings Beach.  The picture was taken from the harbour wall looking back towards Humewood.

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  1. Kate

    You keep teasing we-of-cold climates with your shots of beaches! Nice to be the only one on a beach, isn’t it? It’s so cold here this morning that I had to take my fleece bathrobe out of the closet. Have a good week-end.

  2. Hyde DP

    It has something of a grey bleakness about it – like Rhyl out of season [come to think of it – in season these days too]

  3. Andrea

    beach scenes are so peaceful to me.

  4. Oh my, what a beauty!Your harbor cranes don’t look like ours (I think I like yours more, they look like iron giraffes.) 😀

  5. sam

    Kate, if it is any comfort, it was a pretty cold day when i took this. Another reason i had it to myself!Thanks Peter.Fenix..Giraffes…hehe you are right, they do look like them!

  6. b.c.

    Oh that’s a nice scene indeed…is the water warm for swimming??! is this near your place? (I love the beach…)

  7. sam

    bc, its about 3.5km from our place. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, a pretty unscientific way of getting an idea would be that we live on the P of Port, the harbour you see in the background is under the T of Port and the beach is under the T of Elizabeth!!I guess water temperature is a relative thing, we met an Austrian once in Namibia, who jumped in the pool and said it was warm…. so Max jumped in and just about walked on water it was so freezing…. turned out the Austrian was used to a daily swim in the little mountain streams of the Tyrolean Alps!! Yesterday the water was 19 degrees C, which we consider just about warm enough to consider going in!!

  8. Sonia

    Beautiful!What a contrast with the beach in the season!

  9. Steffe

    I could have guessed that! What's the temperature this time of the year?

  10. bumblebee

    Had many swims on that beach…still looks inviting especially on a beautiful day