Canon Rocks sunset

On Monday I did a post with a photograph of the wreck at Cannon Rocks at sunset. Today I am posting another two sunset pictures taken while camping at Cannon Rocks. Not much to say about it other than “enjoy”.

There are a lot of awesome Skywatch pictures from all over the world that you can enjoy by clicking here.

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  1. Karin

    Sigh. These are just perfect. I could sit here and stare at them all night!

  2. Max-e

    These are stunning shots Firefly. I take it that this is a view across Algoa Bay. Thanks for the visits

  3. There is not much more to add than … amazing sunset! Gorgeous colors.Marit

  4. Ann

    Absolutely beautiful, wonderful and perfect sunset shots, You gotta put these on your wall they are terrific.

  5. Rose

    Firefly–love that name. And these pictures are fantastic!

  6. You don’t have to say anything…they definitely speak for themselves. Awesome!

  7. Steffi

    Great photos!On Saturday my daughter will fly to S.A.and than she can see your wonderful nature with her own eyes.She will be in S.A. for the next 9 months as volunteer.Have a nice weekend!

  8. Ida

    WOW!A sky on fire.Love them. 🙂

  9. bobbie

    You used the word “awesome” – that is the word I would use for these pictures of yours! Just so beautiful!

  10. Photo Cache

    Enjoy you said, and I really did enjoy both of them. They are spectacular capture. Thanks.

  11. Jeff Gyr

    Nicely done! Love that apricot color.

  12. Arija

    Beautiful with the gold lined clouds.

  13. Janet

    Oh my word Firefly! Those are incredible! I can feel the warmth – you must be very proud of these!

  14. Julie

    They are stunning!Happy SWF 🙂

  15. soulbrush

    gorgeous, i am a sa now living in london, but do so love the sa sunsets, nothing to beat them. hugs.

  16. Marcelle

    THERE ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh my word i want so see a beautiful sunset again..Thanks for sharing.

  17. Jeanne

    Absolutely perfect sunset pics. Great capture!

  18. Dot

    Hi Firefly,Absolutely beautiful! Makes me just want to lounge back on the beach and drink in the beauty!Thanks for sharing :o)Dot