Caching on the Grysbok Trail with Drama Princess

Last Sunday I hit the Grysbok Trail in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Nature Reserve with Drama Princess for a bit of an early morning Geocaching outing.  We signed in at 6:50am and set off down the trail at a brisk pace.
The Grysbok Trail really is a gem.  One that I bet very few people know of.  Not just do you get to see so many different fynbos species and flowers, but a herd of springbuck or zebra can easily cross your path on the way.  We had a little duiker dart across the path right in front of us on two occasions during the morning.  Best of all, its right in the heart of PE, easy to get to and safe.
There are 23 caches along the Grysbok Trail making for a great morning out combining Geocaching with getting fresh air and some exercise.  The main reason we were on the trail that specific morning was that I joined a number of local and national cachers in being honoured with a dedicated cache placed by Navimate along the trail .  My cache is called Water Mongoose and here I’m sharing my First to Find with Drama Princess.

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  1. Stefan Jansson

    I am yet to try Geocaching. Sounds like the two of you are really enjoying it.