Brookes on the Bay development

There are quite a lot of work happening along the Port Elizabeth beachfront.  One of the main projects on the go is the redevelopment of the old Brookes Hill Pavilion into what will be known as Brookes on the Bay.  Brookes Hill Pavilion was geared towards the younger crowd and contained pubs and a night club.  Unfortunately it had a bit of a bad reputation with a couple of incidents that happened there over the years.  The new development will apparently target the tourists market a bit more with restaurant and retail space. 

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  1. Titania

    With this deep blue sky it looks like a great holiday place.

  2. Max-e

    I can only imagine that the new development will be an improvement, because the old one was not very inviting, especially at night. I know of one restuaranteer who closed her doors, because she had very few visitors in the evening.

  3. Ordinarylife

    Yes, lets hope this design is better and that more tenants are able to utilise the awesome views.