Bonsai Show

If you know the hilarious yet irritating Annoying Orange on YouTube then you may know that he refers to his friend Little Apple as Midget Apple.  Well, if that is the case then I visited a very interesting exhibit of midget trees on Saturday.  The Eastern Province Bonsai Society hosted their annual Bonsai Show in the Walmer Town Hall here in Port Elizabeth this weekend.  I find bonsai trees very interesting and for years now I’ve had all the good intentions in the world to take up the hobby, but never has.  I have a spekboom at home that’s been sitting in a pot for about five years now waiting to go into the garden. I had a good look at it and for all intensive purposes its a bonsai tree already.  It just needs a proper pot and a bit of a trim and I will be on my way.

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  1. Caroline

    People have strange obsessions! I once read a wonderful childrens story about Japanese dolls who lived in a paper dolls house and had a bonsai tree in the 'garden'. It was called Miss Happiness and Miss Flower by Rumer Godden. And there was a follow on one called Little Plum. Then I wanted to do some bonsaiing myself but they all died when we went on holida.

  2. Leif Hagen

    Bonsai is very cool! I wish I had tried doing it while I was teaching English in Japan for two years, many years ago!

  3. Seamus

    Firefly, I believe its also a cool hobby, but purchasing one of these trees can cost you an arm, leg and a few other limbs when you've finished. I suppose it just cheaper to grow one yourself.Nice pic though.

  4. Avril

    Fascinating aren't they? Love your photo through the forest!! I had one but it died before I could cultivate and train it and never got another.Referring to your comment on the black agapanthus – sounds interesting!! There are lots of different varieties now – I need to get some!

  5. Seamus

    AS usual a great bunch of pics to look at. Thanks

  6. Gaelyn

    I love the bonsai forest. Hope you do get your project going. The roots over the rocks is very cool and I like the extra little scenes too.

  7. Marka

    Wow! That's gotta take alot more time and & patience than I'd be willing to dedicate to it. Best wishes with your bonsai!

  8. Ken Worley

    Nice photographs! I tried to grow a bonsai tree once, but because of my lack of a green thumb, it didn't make it through the winter. 🙁

  9. Bonsai Forest

    Looking beautiful! This is the best way to knowing about bonsai trees. I like this information. thanks a lot for providing this….

  10. Jez J.

    That “Hibiscus in bloom” looks like a Bougainvillea to me.