Its that time of the year when most of us actually dare to venture into the garden (often with a lot of persuasion from the wives) and do some work towards making the yard look a little bit prettier.  Port Elizabeth has a number of excellent nurseries where avid gardeners (and the rest of us) can get everything they need to spruce up around the house.  One of the bigger nurseries in town is Bloomingdales in Walmer where you will be able to find just about anything you want. Not just for the garden, but for the house as well.  Bloomingdales has a whole lifestyle village that was developed around the nursery which contains quite a number of little shops selling everything from interior decor to mohair to wines.

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  1. Janine

    Hey! That's where I buy my flowers. (I fit into the “rest of us” category of gardeners too). What a fantastic blog. So glad I popped in here this arvie. It looks like I still have loads of places to discover in P.E.

  2. Caroline

    I think I spend more at our local garden centre than on anything else – besides food of course. Funny thing is, our garden still looks a mess.

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