Blast from the Past

This was taken in March 2006, when PE received a visit from the beautiful Goteborg, a replica of the original East Indiaman “Götheborg”, which ran aground at the entrance to Göteborg, Sweden on 12 September 1745. The ship was fully laden with goods such as tea, porcelain, silk and spices, and had almost reached dock after her third voyage to China. This beautiful replica stopped off here on her way to China, following the original trade route. When she left port, she was given a resounding send-off, with shots being fired from canons, which is what caused the puffs of smoke in this picture. If you are interested to read more, you can visit

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  1. pusa

    wow this is beautiful, i am reminded by captain jack sparrow’s black pearl 🙂

  2. quintarantino

    Very beautiful photo here. Those sailing vessels always give great shot´s don´t they?

  3. b.c.

    and was the ship laden with goods like it was on their original voyage…? great photo!

  4. Sonia

    Nice photo. Love the green tower like a tulip!

  5. Nice shot. The sight of old sailing ships transports me to a different state of mind although I have never traveled on one. It is from reading stories as a child I suppose.The green building looks like a mosque.

  6. sam

    bc, doubt it!sonia and hdp, that green building is the old Pier street mosque which is almost all that is left of old South End after the forced removals during apartheid. You can read more about it at