Birds, boats and bathers at sunrise

Sunrise over Kings Beach here in Port Elizabeth with fishing boats on the horizon, some early morning brave bathers on the right and a couple of gulls flying through the middle of the picture.

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  1. leilani

    OKay i am at work this morning and I say these people are the luckiest peeps on the planet =0) Beautiful picture! Greeting the day in the ocean is priceless !!

  2. Gaelyn

    Beautiful sunrise. Not sure I'd be a bather unless the air and water are both warm. Nice capture.


    great sunrise, wish we were so blessed.

  4. Faye Pekas

    It seems so strange to see a sunrise over the ocean. I have only seen sunsets over the ocean. I prefer the sunsets because you have to get up a lot earlier to catch a sunrise :)Love how the boats are dotted on the horizon.

  5. Tami

    Seriously GREAT shot!

  6. Marka

    A gorgeous sunrise! I'm glad my Second Puddle Study is making more sense for you now.

  7. Janet

    Stunning, absolutely stunning!

  8. Marcelle

    I did nominate u but then deleted as u are a guy and thought you might find it very funny…love ur blog.

  9. Avril

    Beautiful!! Sunrises over the sea are special!!

  10. Karin

    Beautiful, very few things compare to watching the sun rise over the ocean. Such wonderful colours