Behind Bars

I went to Prison today…………. really!

I was one of the delegates who attended a “Business against Crime” outing to St Alban’s Prison, to see the work being done by Correctional Services in rehabilitation of prisoners and helping with their integration back into society. It was really inspiring. I have written about it, and yesterdays Ironman in detail, with lots of extra pix here.

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  1. Chuck Pefley

    Looks like it’s secure for sure, unless you’ve got a death wish … which could actually be the case I guess.

  2. sam

    yes, and this was just the outside perimeter, there was still a high wall and two sets of iron gates to get through, then a courtyard with high walls, before entering the actual cell area….. a bit daunting, even when you know you’ll be out in an hour!

  3. DaveM

    I have done quite a bit of work behind those walls and boy when the steel gate shuts behind you and you enter the yard with the inmates walking around it is a bit scary.

  4. sam

    davem, yes not all of them welcomed the intrusion into their ‘turf’!