while we are on the subject of metal bars…..

Church Fence
Originally uploaded by Firefly Africa

This is by guest photographer and passionate Port Elizabeth fan, FIREFLY. Thanks FF. It is the wonderful cast iron fence around Holy Trinity Church in Central. You can see more of his pix here.

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  1. Firefly

    What a fantastic picture. I just love the… oh, it’s one of mine. I’m just kidding. SAM, thanks for the emence privilage to have one of my photo’s as PE Daily Photo. As somebody who is passionate about PE, I always look forward to see what pic you posted in the morning, and finding my own here this morning was a big surprise.

  2. Anonymous

    .. so i’m getting onto the bandwagon and share your passion for … not PE, but the rich heritage and in particular the architecture. passing your house every morning on my way to work reminds me to log onto this blog.interesting fact about that cast iron fence: parts of it was made in glasgow and others in london. (next time check out the manufacturers’stamps) but even by close inspection one cannot spot a difference – excellent tradesmen!

  3. Anonymous

    last word should actually be “craftsmen”, apologies

  4. sam

    thanks for the pic firefly. I just wish I could have enlarged it, but when you save from flikr the code is different and the thing i usually do to make them bigger wouldn’t work.Office et al, interesting… I spotted one of the Glasgow stamps but never noticed the London ones!I adore the attention to detail and the pride taken in the workmanship in the old buildings around here, not like the bland matchboxes that get slung together these days.

  5. Kris McCracken

    PE certainly scrubs up as a good looking town. Thanks for sharing the photos.