Beachride at sunset

Today’s picture was taken about a minute before the one I posted last Thursday with the two runners in it. Moments before the runners came past a guy on a mountain bike came cycling along the shore towards the sunset. For some reason the “Lucky Luke” theme song popped into my head.

For more up in the sky pics while you hum Lucky Luke (cause I know its now stuck in your head), visit Skywatch.
GPS: 33°44’41.59″S, 26°33’39.99″E

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  1. Gaelyn

    Very different than the other shot. THis is so soft and almost muted. I like how the sunset colors and repeated on the beach. Excellent capture Jonker.

  2. Steffi

    Fantastic photo!My daughter would give everything to be there again…She is missing S.A. sooo much!Have a nice weekend!

  3. syel

    beautiful! love the composition of this!

  4. Babooshka

    That is such a beautifully composed sunset.

  5. Ania

    I adore that shot. Best sky so far and probably unbeatable.

  6. noel

    i loved that you captured an atypical subject matter for a sunset picture…its great

  7. Dot

    Beautiful shot Firefly! I have no idea what song you're referring to…so of course I'm going to have to Google now :o)

  8. Janet

    LOL! Thanks for that Firefly! I'll have this in mind all day now! Lovely photograph as always!

  9. Owlfarmer

    Wow! For an “untrained” guy, you do good work. I envy your weather and your beach–and look forward to checking the blog frequently.

  10. Lene

    Lol.. Beautiful and funny. The the sun is laying on the beach 🙂