Bathroom with a view

Following on yesterday’s post of the game lodge bedroom, I thought I’ll show you what a bathroom in the lodge looks like. Talk about a batchroom with a view. Just make sure you don’t have a peeping tom monkey or giraffe peeking in the window.

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  1. Halcyon

    Looks like a fantastic lodge. I'd love to stay in a place like this!

  2. Steffe

    Too bad no one was in the tub when you shot this.

  3. Avril

    Oooh loverrly !! Can almost smell the perfumed warm water while lying in bubbles – glass of wine in hand – and watching the sunset !!

  4. Gaelyn

    I LOVE this bathroom! I never stayed in a place with that kind of tub view.However I did have an outside bathtub in Washington and so enjoyed watching the stars.Sure hope you got to stay here and enjoy this.

  5. Sharon

    Wow, what a fantastic place!

  6. Bill

    What a stunning view while you're having your morning bath.

  7. Azn Guy

    taking a shower at night with such a setting would be creepy. During the day it should be a perfect view, looking outside.