Baakens Valley – the power of protest

We recently carried a series of photos taken at the upper end of the Baakens River Valley. This picture was taken near where the Valley enters the harbour.

I am not sure that many people in the city know why this part of the Settlers Freeway has been left hanging over the Baakens Street, just before the old PE Tramways Building. It was to be the on ramp for a freeway that was to be built through the Baakens Valley but it is now a “monument” to bad town planning.

Way back in the 1970’s some of our city planners deemed it a good idea to build a freeway that would be known as the Baakens Parkway. Why not? They had just built a freeway right along the coast line – why not also destroy this piece of parkland in the name of progress too. I do not think they expected the backlash the plan received. It sparked a great deal of protest from all around the City including the Chambers of Industries and Commerce. Suffice to say, common sense prevailed and the idea was scrapped way back in 1978.

Just goes to show that strong and well reasoned protest action can win the day.

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  1. Anonymous

    We have a similar hanging highway in Cape Town near the waterfront.Must be the same town planners!!

  2. sam

    hehe, ya, or poor town planning is contagious!

  3. Giel Horn.

    Not the town planners' fault, but the result of “goody goody” interference.You people support a lot of bull in the name of conservation. Tons & tons of ivory burnt instead of selling it to reduce the market value. Elephants sterilised instead of eaten ? ? Ag asseblief man ! ! Game farmers could have sold the horns from their rhino and earned an income, saved the pouched animals AS WELL AS saved millions in legal & policing costs.Stop patting your own shoulders and THINK for a change.As for the Baakens Valley, build dams in it and flood the place ! ! ! We need the water, not the few animals that almost nobody sees.