Animals in Wonderland

Last weekend I got to visit Animals in Wonderland for the first time during a Geocaching event we had there to celebrate World Snake Day.  Animals in Wonderland is an environmental education facility located out in Greenbushes.  They’re not a rescue and rehabilitation facility but rather take in animals and birds that cannot be released again although they have and will continue to rehabilitate and release any animals that can be done so.  Animals in Wonderland caters mostly for school groups and kids parties, but also offer tours on request, but this must be booked in advance.  Not just is there a range of raptors and other birds, but also a few different mammals and reptiles. And snakes. Lots of snakes.  You’ll also meet Wallace the Warthog who thinks he’s a dog but I’ll post about him in a day or so.

The facility has three Spotted Eagle Owls.  One of them, Mia, was hand reared and forms part of the education program.  The highlight of the Damselfly’s visit was having Mia sit on her arm.