A little bit of Bo-Kaap in the Bay

This row of colourful houses in Alfred Terrace, Central always fascinate me.  It shows that if all the old Settler homes in the area gets a proper revamp and a lick of paint that we can have our own colourful historic area like the Bo-Kaap in Cape Town.  The only difference will be that we will have old stone churches rather than mosques.  How about it? What do you think?

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  1. Diana Studer

    That is lovely, and nice wide roads for when the film crews are working.

  2. GWYN

    My grandmother lived in the second last one in the 60's when all of them had balconies. When she moved in the one room was painted with bright yellow and dark red paint. We got a coloured painter to come and paint the walls and his comment was “Jislaik! Dit lyk nes soos tamatie sous en mustard pickels!”

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