A CITO event for International Geocaching Day

Last Saturday (17 August 2013) I joined a number of fellow geocachers in celebrating International Geocaching Day with a CITO event in the Baakens Valley at the back of Beverley Grove.  CITO stands for “Cache In Trash Out” and is a clean-up organised by geocachers at a spot where a cache is hidden that is in need of a spring clean.  This specific location is home to a cache called Ancient Roman Tablets and for some reason has a huge litter problem. 
Cachers of all shapes and sizes joined in.  Those cachers who pitched in were Seekoei, Erenei, Grannynasty, Wikkelgat, Spesbona, Tumbleweeds, Fiddletwigs, Spiesie, iPajero, Blaster, BigG, TheCrow, Bremar Josrut, MacRambo, Navimate, Simplr, Sharky Jnr, Chaos Boy and of cause myself, FireflyAfrica.  Hope I got everybody.  Also keep in mind that some of these are teams which means that we had quite a turnout.
Once the clean-up started we were joined by a couple of local residents as well as a team from ADT Security.  I’m still not sure where they came from but they climbed in with gusto and really helped out in a big way.  A big shout out to the ADT guys for their assistance.
By the time we were finished the path through the valley looked beautiful again.  Now to hope it stays like this.
But what is a geocaching event without finding a geocache?  Well, just an event.  As most of us haven’t found Ancient Roman Tablets yet we set off en-mass to go and track it down.  The cache is hidden somewhere in this section of the valley and as GPS coordinates aren’t always 100% accurate under trees we had to widen our search for this elusive little container.

The search even took some of us way up onto the cliffs above.  Alas, Spiesie had it in hand after a little while and we all signed the log before she returned it to its hiding spot.  Thank you very much to Grannynasty for organising yet another memorable geocaching event and for allowing me to steal some of her photos to use in this post.
Check out more pictures on the Eastern Cape Geocachers group on Facebook.

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  1. Shefetswe

    Awesome………………… Sorry I couldn't make it but will certainly make a plan next time along with Sun Wun & Tucson in tow.