Yummy baked goods at Just Knead More

The Port Elizabeth Geocachers have a WhatsApp group where we chat about caching as well as anything and everything else.  One day George C12 mentioned a bakery and posted a picture of some yummy goodies he bought.  A few days later he did it again and people got curious.  Where was this place George C12 seem to be buying shares in?  He gave the location and slowly, one by one, the cachers started visiting it.  Every time somebody did they posted about it and with every post somebody else got curious and went as well.  I’m sure every time George C12 visits he gets a royal welcome as word of mouth among the cachers have definitely increased their turnover drastically.  So where is this little bakery and what is it called?  It’s called Just Knead More and it is located in the new Willow Road Shopping Centre on the corner of Circular Drive and Willow Road in Lorraine. 

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