What used to be Esitishini Cafe

Right outside the New Brighton train station stands the ruin of what clearly used to be Esitishini Cafe.  Does it have any significant historical links? I really don’t know and didn’t pick anything up on the net.  I did think that it would make for a nice picture when I saw it though.  Why was I at New Brighton Station?  We were busy with a recce for one of the events that we are hosting for Tourism Month at work.  The public are invited to join myself and a couple of my colleagues on what we call the Sunset Township Experience.  We are going to hop on the train from the Port Elizabeth Station to New Brighton and go for a walk to see some township sights and interact with the locals.  We will be tasting liver fried in a black pot on the street corner, buy roosterkoek from a vendor, visit Njoli Square in the heart of the township before going for a traditional tsishe njama, ikasi style (a braai or barbecue, township style). 

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  1. Gaelyn

    Sure wish I was there to go along.