Vic Park

When I seriously need to get out the office and don’t really have anywhere spicific I want to go, I pop up the street and take a walk in Victoria Park. Vic Park, named after Queen Victoria, is in lower Walmer and probably is one of Port Elizabeth’s lesser know big parks.

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  1. Gaelyn

    A very pretty place to regroup and get in touch with nature. Nice to have close by. Looks like the water is a little low.

  2. What a lovely place to get away to for a few minutes or few hours. It is so nice to be able to appreciate nature while in a city. Diane

  3. J Bar

    Great place.

  4. Greta

    Way to go. For all us nostalgic, faraway ex-PEites, show us more suburbia— like the homes and streets in the neighborhoods…. I never miss a day! You do it very well, thanks………

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