Van Stadens River Bridge

On our way back yesterday from our weekend in Cape St Francis I decided to see if the Van Stadens Pass is open for traffic since the road has been fixed. What a delight it was to see that after several years of being closed to traffic the pass was open again. Driving down the vegetation changes from fynbos and bush to indigenous forest. Stopping at the old bridge at the bottom, one can get out and look up at the arch bridge which was opened in 1971. What a view. I even saw two Knysna Loeries fly across the road at the bottom.
The unfortunate part of the Van Stadens Bridge is that it is also known as the suicide bridge or bridge of death. Over 70 people have jumped off the bridge since opening, the last one just last week.

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  1. Hilda

    That’s awful! About the suicides, I mean. Your unusual angle produced a beautiful photo though.

  2. Jeanne

    What a stunning shot! We used to drive down to the old bridge and look up when I was a kid but I haven’t for years. We were also in Cape St Francis this weekend!

  3. Dave

    Sad to say,left cape st francis yesterday 2009/08/09 crossing the bridge and hear over radio that no 72 jumped on saterday 08/08/2009. When is this going to stop? Dave vd Merwe – vanderbijlpark

  4. Zaliah

    On the 08.08.2009 (while visiting family in PE) myself and my fiance's family were taking the old cpt2plz pass for a scenic drive back from Jbay and stoped to have a look at the awesome bridge that my Finace's Uncle had told us about the evening before. As we where standing there another family pulled up to also look at the majestic view of this bridge.while looking at brige a man came walking on the bridge and just stood there. As we where about to leave the man climbed over the barrier and jumped. It was the most traumatising thing i have ever seen in my life, he just opened his arms almost like he was flying as free as a bird. some people gathered on the bridge (i suppose they drove pass him as he jumped) a man that was driving along the pass also stoped at the resting spot we were standing at ( i suppose cos as he was drivign he looked up at thsi beautifull bridge and saw a man flying through the sky)The Police was called, ( but im still asking the question: if the bridge has cameras on it why did the police not arrive sooner, as the man was standing there longer that 5min and why did we not call the police sooner? maybe its because somehow we stil believed that this man would not dare take his own life, not when our parents taught us that suicide is not what God wants of us.)it will be 2months next week Thurday, but i still think of the 20year old (not anymore a boy but not yet a man) and i keep him in my prayers everyday. May God keep him safe now that he is free of his sorrow.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi i just pass on that bridge on the 2th of jan on my way to joburg and find a family crying why cant we put on bussnus cars of care centres there who can help these people

  6. Dave

    Scary, last year 08/08/2009 crosing the bridge it was no 72, now nearing my holliday starting 23 April,saw the news it was no 75 jumping to his death on 17/03 and a mad father wants to kill his son & himself, over the weekend.7 x Month's and 4 x killings – I am certainly going for a alternative road

  7. Dave

    @ AnonymousPlease contact any of this no: Johann Briel 041 956 008 or 079 860 1667, Franciede Waal 041 286 6202 or 071 195 2288 Lifeline PE 041 373 8882/3 or 041 373 8666.Thornhill Police Station 042 286 6200Dave

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