Under the Van Stadens Bridge

I really can’t reiterate how Geocaching is taking me to places where I’ve never been before and for somebody who has thought I’ve seen most places there is to see around Port Elizabeth I keep on being surprised.  Going after a couple of caches in the Van Stadens Wildflower Reserve I had to follow the path linking the Forest Walk with the River Walk which took me underneath the magnificent arch bridge spanning the gorge.  I have driven over it literally hundreds of times but I’ve never thought that I would ever be able to see it from underneath. 

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  1. Seamus

    Would like to get this shot in HDR, Firefly. Nice!

  2. Elly Goossens

    So nice to see that people are enjoying the trail that the friends of van stadens (FOVS) have laid on. This is just one of the many things they have done and are still busy on for the van Stadens wild flower reserve.

  3. Firefly

    I've been in the reserve many times for quick stops with tourists, the family and looking for geocaches, but I've never done all the trails. Gotta make a plan