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Tsitsikamma Mountains in shades of blue

Johannes Kerkorrel did a rendition of the FAK sangbundel song called “Al lê die berge nog so blou” and how could I not help but to start humming it when I saw this sight? It’s not a sight that was new to me as I have seen it many times during the years I worked as a tourist guide. It’s been a while though.

“Where is it?” you ask. It’s the Tsitsikamma Mountains as you came out of the Tsitsikamma section of the Garden Route National Park (previously the Tsitsikamma National Park). The Tsitsikamma Mountains run parallel to the coastline with the Tsitsikamma region wedged between the two. The highest peak is Peak Formosa at 1675m above sea level.

It’s amazing how the afternoon sun causes the mountains to form these blue silhouettes and how each layer is a different shade of blue with the sky being another shade. How can one not marvel at this wonder of nature?