Tip a glass at the Le Vino Wine and Tapas Bar

Last night I joined some media friends at the Boardwalk for the opening of the newest restaurant offer in the complex.  In recent months the Boardwalk has opened two new restaurants, Coast and Craft, and these are now joined by Le Vino Wine and Tapas Bar.  All three of these fall under the Boardwalk’s own banner and is managed by the Boardwalk’s F&B department.  Le Vino itself is located in the old Dulce Cafe premises and offers a great spot for wine lovers to sit and watch the sun go down over the Boardwalk lake while trying out the restaurant’s extensive, and believe me it is extensive, wine list.    

Our evening started with wine, obviously, and a couple of tasters of what was to come later on.  After the formalities we all headed outside for the annual Sparklers event, followed by the Boardwalk Fountain Spectacular, before it was time to try out the food. 

The food at Le Vino is tapas style ranging from lamb chops, pork belly and short rib to my favorite of the night, fish with among others, litchi in the flavoring.  Wow, I need to find out how they did that cause it really was a winner.  The menu isn’t that extensive but the fare on offer is worth it.  

My recommendation isn’t to go there for a full on dinner, but rather make it your starter stop.  Enjoy the sunset from the upstairs balcony while sipping wine and enjoying some tapas for your evening’s starter before moving on to Coast next door or Craft on the other side for your mains.

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  1. Jo

    Sounds delish. Shows you don't need fancy food to impress! Have a good day, Jonker. Greetings, Jo (PS are you also suffering the grip of excruciating heat and drought down in PE?)

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