Tianfeng Tower, Ningbo

Tianfeng Tower was built during 695 and 696 AD when Emperor Wu Zetiain was in power.

The tower was destroyed in a war during the Jian Yan’s reign from 1127 to 1130 AD. It was rebuilt in 1144 AD. In 1798 is was badly damaged in a fire and slowely started to erode badly in the extreme weather of the area. In 1984 the tower was extensively repaired to its original appearance in the Song Dynasty. The Tainfeng tower is 51 m high and has 13 layers, bright or dark.
As impressed I was with the tower during the day, so impressed I was with it at night when we drove past it the Friday night and I saw it was lit up. I went back the Saturday night to get some pics and the lights were off. What a disappointment. I went to check again the Sunday and still nothing. The Monday night it was pouring with rain and we were in the nearby shopping area when I noticed the lights were on. I told the others that I will be walking back to the hotel and set off with my umbrella and camera to try and get a decent photo of the tower at night. I don’t know how many pics I took where every time I lifted the camera skywards I would get raindrops on the lense. I got lucky with one or two shots and this is one of them.

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  1. Jo

    Ohmygosh, your photographs of China are wonderful!!! I envy you. I have always wanted to visit China, and India too. I would imagine they would be like visiting another world.Gorgeous!Of course, I have always wanted to visit South Africa too, so I am always happy to see your photos of SA.Were you in China when the melamine in milk scandal broke? Goodness, how awful. I would imagine they felt very bad about that.

  2. Karin

    Well, it was well worth the effort – that last shot is beautiful – as are all of them in fact! Amazing what they were able to do so many centuries ago.

  3. Ann

    Stunning !! really beautiful, love the night shot. Such awesome buildings, so exciting to see these images that youve captured so beautifully, keep ’em coming,

  4. Firefly

    Josie: It really was like visiting a different world. The culture is so different than Western cultures. By next week I will be back to SA photos.The milk thing is big news over there.Karin: With such an old history, it is great to see they have pride in it and also to see Chinese visitors visiting the sites.Ann: They will be coming for the rest of the week.

  5. sam

    glad you were persistent, that night shot is stunning. interesting that they don’t count the height of their buildings in actual floors, but in “light and dark layers”.

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