The new Opera House extension and renovations

Yesterday’s post was a Then and Now post featuring the Port Elizabeth Opera House.  As the photo was taken from the street corner, the latest addition to the building wasn’t really that visible so I decided to post a second photo.  The wine coloured section is is the part that was built on to the original building in 1985 and was part of the extensive renovations that took place over the last year and was painted this was as part of the work.  The glass section right at the end is a new addition to the building and includes a lift that means the Opera House is now fully wheelchair friendly. 

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  1. Unknown

    I'm not sure why they didn't repaint the whole building. I think it would have looked far more striking if it was all white and burgundy!!

  2. GWYN

    I used to be an usher there in the 70's. It was a way of seeing the shows for free. great fun

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