The good ol’ windpomp, from underneith

We all know what a windpomp looks like.  Don’t know what a windpomp is? NO! Really? Hahahaha…  Ok, so perhaps you’ve heard of a windpump or windmill?  To most of us its just a windpomp, doesn’t matter if you say it in English or Afrikaans.  Or perhaps even Xhosa.  I should ask one of my Xhosa friends what they call it.  Anyhow, we all know what a windpomp looks like.  One of the icons of the Karoo.  An object standing in the veld just beyond the fence and barely spotted by most Vaalies trying to get to the coast as quickly as possible to make the most of the summer holidays.  Here is my actual question today.  Have you ever stood right under one and looked up at it while it creaked in the wind?  Not?  Well, I did it the other day after a short visit to Kuzuko Lodge just north of the Zuurberg Mountains.  

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