The end of the Otter Trail

The Otter Trail is probably South Africa’s premier hiking trail covering 5 days and 42 kilometers between the Tsitsikamma National Park at Storms River and Nature’s Valley.  On the last day when hikers reach The Point, the end of the trail is in sight but not before descending down to Nature’s Valley beach and then walking the length of it to the Nature’s Valley Restaurant and Trading Store to kick off their shoes and have a welcome cold one.

During our Sho’t Left weekend in the Crags and Nature’s Valley we climbed to the top of The Point and watched as a group of hikers came past on the trail.  About 15 minutes later they were walking along the beach towards that mentioned cold drink.

Later the afternoon we popped by the Nature’s Valley Trading Store and this is what we found.  A tree in the restaurant’s outside area filled with discarded shoes (and a couple of other items) that was well and truly tired after the long walk, left as a “memorial” of those who have competed this epic trail. 

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