The crowning pigeon

I don’t quite think I would like to be a statue.  Yes, people walk past you and remember you every day, tourists stop by and take pictures and you have lots of feathered company but the problem is those same feathered friends and what they leave behind when they fly off again.  Passing Queen Vic in front of the Public Library the other morning there was a pigeon sitting on her crown back to front.  I wondered to myself what the chance would be of catching a photo of the pigeon leaving its calling card on the Queen’s nose.  That didn’t happen but the pigeon did give me a very regal eagle pose before flying off.
The statue of Queen Victoria in front of the Public Library was unveiled in 1903 to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee which took place six years earlier.  The statue is made of Sicilian marble and was sculptured by E. Roscoe Mullins of London.

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  1. Margaret

    This queen really gets around!She still looks dignified, even with a pigeon on her head!Margaret