The beauty of the Langkloof

The Langkloof may not be a developed and marketed tourism route, but it is very scenic and has tons of tourism potential.  Its biggest disadvantage though is that it runs parallel to the world renown and very popular Garden Route.  I really enjoy driving through the Langkloof which stretches over a distance of about 200 km between Kareedouw in the east and Herold, just north of George.  But who wouldn’t?  It is flanked by mountains on the north and south and the scenery changes from fynbos to summer fruit orchids and back at regular intervals.  The Langkloof was named by Isaq Schrijver in 1689 but wasn’t thoroughly explored until 1752 by an expedition led by August Frederik Beutler.  The valley has been farmed since 1760 and some families have been there several generations by now already.

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  1. Gaelyn

    I keep meaning to drive this route but then the Garden Route calls my name.

  2. Desiree

    You describe it perfectly and take me back to my own trips through this magnificent landscape…too long past, I am afraid…and not much chance of seeing it again any time soon. Thank you for sharing this mesmerisingly beautiful view!