The Baakens Valley

This view of the Baakens Valley shows a few interesting historic features. On the left you see a few graves on the road verge, beyond the shadow of the large building. These belong to Muslim members of the old South End Community, mentioned when we showed you the Pier Street Mosque. Inside the walled St Mary’s Graveyard to the far left were the Christian members of the community (again the strange segregation of bodies…)

To the right is a building which belongs to the Municipality. (No wonder they don’t have a leg to stand on in dealing with slum lords when they let their own proprties get into such a state!) It was at one time a bus depot, an ice rink and a shelter for the homeless, now it is just a dump!

See the tall building standing on its own at the top of the hill? To the left of that you will see a long low reddish stone wall. That is Fort Frederick with its commanding view across the bay.

The Baakens River Mouth is where the 1820 Settlers landed to establish the as yet un-named town.

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  1. Kate

    It may be an eyesore to you, but I bet there’s lots of history packed in that building. Segregation of graves is a practice worldwide which has always baffled me, for whatever reason. We humans certainly are strange sometimes!

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