Takeaway in the township

Over the last two weeks I have ventured into the townships with one of my colleagues for lunch on two occasions.  Mr X knows the townships like the back of his hand and some of the places we stopped at I don’t think I will every find again.  The first time we got amagwinya (vetkoek or fatcake which is a ball of dough deep fried in oil) with sliced polony at one of the informal takeaways doing business from a shipping container.  A vetkoek costs R1-50 while the slice of polony is R1 so you can just about stuff yourself with three of those for R7-50.  For the international readers that is about $1 or just more than half an English pound.

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  1. Gaelyn

    This sounds like my kind of place to eat.

  2. Jo

    How I long for “home” when reading your post. Greetings from Jo, Tanzania.

  3. Caroline

    The grille says a lot about the nature of the area though!