Nelson Mandela Bay – An African Wildlife Adventure Hotspot

[youtube=]Today I want to post a promotional video done for Nelson Mandela Bay by Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism a few months ago featuring our wonderful wildlife and natural offering. Algoa Bay, the coastal region of Nelson Mandela Bay, boasts 40 km of magnificent golden beaches as well as one of the most diverse marine eco systems in the world. This includes islands with most importantly the largest Cape Gannetry in the world (110 000 breeding pairs) as well as over 50%…

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Port Elizabeth / Nelson Mandela Bay – An African Wildlife Hotspot

[youtube=]Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism has a brand new destination marketing video promoting the fact that Port Elizabeth with Algoa Bay and all it's adjacent game reserve truly is an African Wildlife Hotspot.  At a recent tourism conference I attended, a representative of Kruger Lowveld Tourism in Mpumalanga implied during one of the panel discussions that the Eastern Cape doesn't offer visitors an authentic wildlife experience.  So let's see what Nelson Mandela Bay and surrounds have to offer.   Algoa Bay with…

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Domkrag Waterhole

I just absolutely love the Addo Elephant National Park just outside Port Elizabeth. When I used to tour guide I got to visit the park at least once a week (at one stage I went there up to 5 or 6 times a week) and never got tired of it. Driving through the park looking for elephants I always got just as excited when we found them as the tourists got. I haven't had much opportunity to go to the…


spots and stripes

Kragga Kamma Game Reserve on the outskirts of town, we are truly lucky to have a place like this, where we can enjoy our wildlife so close at hand.


The Boma Reptile World

Situated in the coastal bush along the Sardinia Bay Road is The Boma which is a great venue for weddings, conferences, picnics and other functions.Among the attractions at The Boma is the Reptile World, where grandpa and grandson went went today for a visit. They have an interesting variety of local and exotic reptiles. It is an ideal opportunity to get up close and personal with the reptiles and get to learn about them, from the knowledgable guide.Grandson is seen…


Addo 3 …. felicitous feline find….

One of the things we were determined to find on this trip to Addo were the lions. We checked in regularly at the reception to see where they were being spotted, and drove those roads, scanning carefully. All in vain. But then, travelling along a section of road we were not really supposed to be on, because our car is not a high clearance vehicle, we got to see a cousin of theirs, and were absolutley ecstatic.... You can spend…


another neighbour…….

Another of the wonderful wild animals to be found at the Kragga Kamma Game Park is this cheetah. To be honest, he is not as wild as he looks, and cheetahs from this Park have appeared in a number of movies, including the brilliant Duma, one of our favourites.


Look who lives on our doorstep….

One of the cool things about Port Elizabeth is that we have a number of Game Parks and Lodges within the city limits, where you can experience the wonders of African wildlife, without travelling too far. This mommy rhino and her baby live at the Kragga Kamma Game Park.