Coega gantries in the mist

This week's posts are turning into a mini Wells Estate series.  Wells Estate is situated close to the Coega Harbour and standing on the end of the pier you can see the harbour with all its gantries and cranes.  On my visit it was foggy out Coega way and the cranes looked like specters in the mist. 


Wells Estate Pier

I want to bet that most PE Daily Photo readers who live in Port Elizabeth have never actually been to the Wells Estate pier.  Yes, everybody knows where it is and have seen the blue buildings along the N2 just outside Bluewater Bay, but who has ever turned off to have a look. Although I've been there before I decided to stop by for some photos and took a walk along the pier to the end.  This is where I took the…

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Surfing dolphins

On my way to Colchester for a meeting I had some time to play with and decided to stop at Wells Estate to snap a couple of pictures (and look for a Geocache).  Standing on the end of the Wells Estate Pier I noticed a pod of dolphins swimming along the shoreline just behind the waves.  Suddenly they started surfing the waves right in front of me. Now that is always a treat and even better if one has a camera on…