Wine made in PE

I'm not much of a wine drinker, but I do enjoy tasting wine.  Here I'm tasting one of Port Elizabeth's own wines, proudly produced at the Theescombe Estate Wine Farm.

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Rest-a-While on Kragga Kamma Road

When was the last time you drove down Kragga Kamma Road to Coleen Glen? Been a while?  Have you ever noticed the little building on the right hand side not far from Cow's Corner?  Well that little building has a new tenant, a new jacket and a new purpose.  Rest-a-While (Pebble Springs) is the biggest little farm stall around.  Not so much a farm stall as in the traditional sense of the word, but who knows what it can develop into…


Landman’s Lake is a little on the low side

I drove past Landman's Lake (the lake on Lakeside Road) today and could not believe my eyes how low the water level currently is because of the ongoing drought.  PE's biggest fresh water lake is but a shadow of its former self.  It is so low in fact that there is a beach all around the lake now. Coming from Kragga Kamma side the whole section that panhandles out towards Like Farm Centre is dry.  It just shows how badly…

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Outspan MOTH Shellhole

The Memorable Order of the Tin Hats, or MOTH, was founded on 7 May 1927.  The idea of the Order back then (and still today) is to help fellow comrades in need, either financially or physically and to also remember all servicemen who has answered the Sunset Call, both in war and during piece time.  The emblem of the MOTH includes the crossed rifles of sacrifice, surrounded by 12 stars that signify Mutual Help, the whole within an unending circle,…


Theescombe Wetland Conservation Area

Just when I think that I know or have seen just about everything there is to know and see in and around Port Elizabeth something else presents itself.  And truth to be told, through Geocaching I'm discovering something new just about on a weekly basis.  Last weekend I took the KidZ to look for a cache in the Theescombe area and discovered the vulnerable Theescombe Wetland Conservation Area.  The sign says: "This Colleen Glen Grassy Fynbos is classified as vulnerable.  The small wetlands are classified…


Horse riding at Holmeleigh Farmyard

When people get to Holmeleigh Farmyard the first thing that they normally do is to go and feed the animals.  There after the moms (and dads) normally sit down for some coffee and perhaps something to eat while the kids head off to go and play in the big playing area.  There are two other activities that the kids can do.  The one is to go on a tractor trip on the farm while the second is horse rides.  As I've…


Farm gate close to the city

I can't say enough about how fortunate we are in Port Elizabeth to have fantastic open spaces and rural areas right on our doorstep yet still within the Nelson Mandela Bay metropolitan area.  One minute you can be driving through suburbia and the next you are surrounded by small holdings and farms so its nothing strange to find farm gates like this one right outside the city.  This particular one I photographed in Coleen Glen.

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Maitland view from Colleen Glen

I ventured into Colleen Glen west of Port Elizabeth the other day in search of a geocache and ended up at the top of a narrow little road with the most beautiful view down towards the sea.  The Maitland sand dune can be seen in the background with farmland and small holdings in between.  Pity it wasn't a bright sunny day.

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The Muck Run

 This morning 500 muckers and about 50 muckchkins (little muckers) mucked around the mucky dams and mucken bush at Bushpig Adventures out in Theesecombe during the first (of what will become an annual) Muck Run in Port Elizabeth.  The Muck Run is organised by Zports and consisted of a 8km trail run taking in muddy ponds and dams, crawling through mud and dust under cargo nets, climbing through tunnels, running over tyres and poles and sliding down a 50m slippery slide.  It was the toughest…


Landmans Lake

Yesterday I posted a picture of the lake on Lakeside Road saying that I haven't been able to find any information on the internet where the actual name of the lake is given.  In general people just talk of Lake Farm but you never hear a proper name. Last night Grant Slater, one of PEDP's regular followers, sent me the above which is a Surveyor General map dating back to 1860.  On the map the lake is named as Landmans Lake.  Just shows…

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