PE Opera House stained glass window

The Port Elizabeth Opera House, now called the Nelson Mandela Bay Theatre Complex, was opened in December 1892 and is the oldest-running Victorian era opera house in Africa and the southern hemisphere. Significant upgrades and additions were done in 1926, 1934, 1985 and lately in 2016. As part of the latest revamp the framed mirror on the steps in the foyer were replaced with a stunning feature stained glass window by David Manning portraying the only three Africans on the continent…

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3, 2, 1 stained glass windows

A week ago I posted a picture of the big stained glass window in the St Augustine's Cathedral.  When I was doing the post I considered posted the three pictures in this post along with it, but decided that it was magnificent enough to warrant a stand-alone post.  So here is stained glass post #2 featuring a 3, 2, 1 combination of stained glass windows. So...3 21

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Grey Institute windows

The Grey Institute across the road from the Donkin Reserve was completed in 1859 and housed Grey High School until 1915 when they moved to their present site in Mill Park.  Since then the building housed Pearson High School (now in Summerstrand) and then the Albert Jackson Primary School.  Since it was bought by the Mediterranean Shipping Company the building has had extensive renovations done to it although the historic look and feel was kept.  When I got to visit a little…

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MSC stained glass window

The other day a couple of us talked our way into the old Grey Institute building across the road from the Donkin Reserve.  The building was bought by the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) a few years ago and since then they have embarked on an extensive restoration project, turning it into their regional office here in Port Elizabeth.  One of the new show case features in the building is a (guesstimating) four meter high stained glass window featuring ships from over the…


William Savage stained glass window

One of the stained glass windows in the historic Public Library in the Port Elizabeth city centre shows the picture of Mr WH Savage.  I Googled the name but couldn't find much and then turned to Margaret Harradine's Port Elizabeth, A social chronicle to the end of 1945.  William Savage was born in Kent in 1824 and came to Port Elizabeth in 1849.  He had a business selling stationary and hardware and was a generous benefactor of several good causes both in Port…