Radisson on Marine Drive

Love it or hate it, theĀ five star Radisson Hotel on the beachfront in Summerstrand has become a landmark on the South African skyline.

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Beach and skyline

This photograph was taken from Shark Rock Pier at Hobie Beach looking towards town. I didn't take it to show a different angle of the old slipway at Humewood , although it is, but rather to show the Port Elizabeth skyline with the new giant South African flag on the Donkin Reserve which I featured in a post last week.


World War II Bunker

One of the many bunkers built along the South African coast World during War II. This one was photographed at Schoenmakerskop. Others can be seen at Bluewater Bay and Cape Recife.


Skyline #2

Continuing our look at PE's eclectic skyline, from the same viewpoint as yesterday's photo, but a bit to the West, you see another iconic landmark which we have featured before, the Donkin Reserve, with its lighthouse and pyramid. You also see a mixture of some of the earliest residences in town, mixed with more modern (30s to 60s) blocks of flats. In the far background, the ugly new post office building, (which blocks many potentially sweeping views of the bay…

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Skyline 1

One of the things we love about Port Elizabeth is that she has some fascinating eclectic skylines. There are interesting viewpoints around the city where you get to see such a mixture of the elements that make up this town.Standing on a hill in south End, overlooking the ruins of St Peters Church (a reminder of the injustices of our Apartheid past) we see the bay sweeping around in the background, with a bustling modern harbour. And in front of…

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