The Swartkops Estuary

Even though it has an urban setting, the Swartkops Estuary with its adjacent salt pans, is one of the most important wetlands areas in South Africa.  It is seen as an Important Bird Area playing host to over 10 000 water birds in summer and is one of the best places in the country to see the less common estuarine waders and terns.  All in all its one of the premier birding venues in Port Elizabeth with about 200 species found there regularly.  Big parts…

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Rowing practise

A team of rowers practising on the Swartkops River close to Redhouse with their coach going along in a little motorboat

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Finding your soul

I don't think I've ever been to Redhouse village on the Swartkops River so once again geocaching has taken me somewhere I've never been before.  Although its referred to as a village, Redhouse really is only a small residential area of Port Elizabeth.  The Zwartkops Rowing Club was started in the village in 1873 and is the last remaining rowing club in Port Elizabeth.  Taking a walk along the tow path next to the river I found this on one…

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Redhouse #2

Another view of Redhouse looking upstream this time from the top end of the Tow Path. The wind was blowing up a storm and there was no activity on the river.